"Sometimes it's the lessons outside the classroom that are most vital to our learning"

Below are some images taken from our students while abroad!


Studying abroad is a fantastic opportunity, once in a lifetime experience that leaves you with memories you'll never forget. Studying in another part of the world provides you with skills, knowledge and experience than you could possibly imagine. Learning thousands of miles from home gives you more independence and confidence, while also learning more than your peers with many more choices of modules available. You live an exciting lifestyle with other like minded people, willing to travel and experiencing a new culture.

Any student who studies Mass Communication has the ability to studyabroad in all corners of the world for an extra year before graduating. This is known as a Sandwich course. For more detailed information please head to the UH studyabroad homepage.

You can also check out more student testimonials on the UH Studyabroad Facebook Page and Twitter feed for updates.


This video was created by Daniella Svrdlin, Gemma Marks, Kate Minton and Kirralee Glass. A group of students in their final year, who were faced with the task to create a promotional viral video for the Studyabroad office to target prospective students! The lovely faces featured in the video are all friends of the creators, and it is amazing to see what a wonderful time they had making such powerful friendships! Well done!

Eleanor Spall

"At first I was so scared to go, but after 10 months I was terrified to leave!"

Daniella Svrdlin

"The best decision I ever made! If you've got the opportunity, take it!"

Henry Horn

Not only did I learn more than I thought, but I met such wonderful people!

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