Here you will be able to flex your creative imagination. You will have the chance to design your own magazine, create a documentary, and design your own website. NMP teaches you from the basics and pushes you to gain professional skills, making you more confident when completing assignments and even when applying for future work.

Try clicking on the images below to preview some of our previous students work

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This module provides students with computing and communication skills which will form a basis for future study in New Media Publishing. The module is appropriate for students with little computing experience but it also provides those with prior knowledge with the opportunity of enhancing and extending that knowledge.

Studying publishing alongside media you will learn how to create online publications within a legal and ethical framework. Students learn how to enhance their work with supportive visual content as they explore the potential of publishing to a range of platforms including interactive websites and a variety of social media.

Through out the course you will be asked to run your own projects, design media campaigns, develop professional writing skills, design magazine layouts and websites while integrating publishing theory into practical projects. Publishing students need to be entrepreneurial, flexible, adaptable and committed, and we will help you develop these qualities.


Here is a playlist of work produced by second year students in the module Digital Story Telling. The outcome is widely dispersed, but with very interesting subjects.


"I feel as though my writing has travelled leaps and bounds, now I'm always happy to share my work with family and friends!"


"I can't believe I made my own documentary, it was on such a personal subject, and feel so happy that everyone loved it!"


"It's been such an interesting course to study, there's been so much to learn and I'm excited to start working"

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