Media cultures introduces you to the theory of media communications and the impact the media has on society, economics and politics

This is a core subject for anyone who is interested in taking Mass Communications

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Media Cultures gives you an understanding of how communication works, introduces you to the history and nature of media systems and discusses how media and society are interlinked. Topics will include theories about how communication takes place and lectures will cover some of the key debates that have occupied the analysis of media communication in recent decades. You will further examine the current form of media institutions and consider their likely future in the light of new media developments. You will debate the quality of the media, the nature and influence of new media technologies, and consider national and international developments.
In the final year, the course places a strong emphasis on exploring practical aspects of media productions, helping students to acquire the skills to work in specialist areas of media, such as Public Relations, Advertising, Corporate Communications and Media Relations. It is this combination of theory, practice and life experience that makes Media Cultures a stimulating, challenging and enjoyable area of study.


This video was created by Daniella Svrdlin in her year of study at the University of Oklahoma, during an adversiting module. The assignment was to sell a 'brick' but to think outside the box, this was a group project which received an A for all members.

Vinita Taglani - Graduate

"Media cultures was my favourite module, and taught by the best!"


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Dr. B Mhlanga

"It's incredible what I have learnt from the students!"

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