English Language and Communication is a module about learning where our language comes from, how we aquire it and how it can change due to social landscape.

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The module starts from analysis by you of your communicative range, as measured against an agreed template. It then presents a number of models of communication and assesses each according to purpose. Theory will typically include a consideration of animal/human communication, Hocketts Design Theory and Politeness Theory. It then examines (principally on film) a number of contrasting situations in which people succeed/ fail to communicate successfully, concentrating on face-to-face communication but also paying some attention to written language. Factors such as how topics are managed in conversation, how power is articulated in dyads, and in large and small groups, and gender, cultural and ethnic differences will be analysed. The second half of the module is devoted to improving your own communicative skills via largely practical exercises, role play, simulation and actual performance.


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